Monday, October 01, 2007

Squaw Peak

I was originally planning to hike to the top of Borah Peak, Idaho's highest mountain, this past weekend. However, weather forced me to reschedule that trip, so I planned to go rock climbing on Saturday instead. When I woke up on Saturday morning it was raining, so I had to bag that plan too. I was determined to do something outside, though, so I grabbed my rain coat and went for a quick hike from the Rock Canyon trailhead to the top of Squaw Peak on Saturday.

Although it was raining, the hike was still beautiful. All of the leaves are changing, and some of the juxtaposed bold colors were stunning, even in the diffuse light of a rainstorm. Although the many of the leaves are changing, the aspens are still green, so we should have a few more weeks of color before everything turns to brown--and then white.

It was raining on my way up, and the rain turned to snow around 7000 feet. The summit of Squaw Peak normally offers great views of Utah Valley, but clouds limited the visibility to about 100 feet on Saturday. At least I got some exercise. :)


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Silus Grok said...

So good to finally find you in blog land... added you to my blogroll.

: )

And don't forget that promised lunch.