Saturday, February 14, 2009


I don't have a bed. In fact, I haven't had a bed for over a month now.

I was homeless when I got to California, but I found an apartment my second day here. The place was great: good location, decent price (at least for around here), and a good roommate. There was just one drawback: the guy who I was replacing wasn't moving out until the end of the month, so I would be homeless for a little while longer.

I slept on a friend's couch until the end of the month rolled around. Right when I was about to move in, Apple sent me to China for a week, so I've only been in my apartment since Sunday. My moving pod showed up yesterday, so I'll finally have all of my stuff.

Unfortunately, I haven't found a bed yet, so I'm still on a couch. I've been working for the last few days to change that. Unfortunately, it appears that the bed I want doesn't exist. Here are my simple requirements:
  • Raised at least a foot off the ground, so I can put stuff under it.
  • Twin or full size.
  • No huge headboard or other stuff that takes up lots of space.
  • Cheap.
You'd think that I could find something like that, but it appears that it doesn't exist. IKEA is a few minutes away, but they only have one bed that's very far off the ground, and it doesn't meet the second two requirements. I've been perusing craigslist, but haven't found anything yet.

There are a lot more full size beds on craigslist than twins, but I wasn't sure if a full would fit in my room, so I pulled out my tape measure and OmniGraffle and made a floorplan. Looks like a full will fit:

Hopefully by the end of the day I'll have a bed and have all of my stuff moved in.


evans said...

You could just get a normal bed and then put it on a frame that sits high off the ground. Unless you want one that looks good. But I didn't see that requirement on the list...

Bruce said...

You're right, but I can't find a frame that's high off the ground. I could do the cinderblock thing, but that's so college.

The only thing I've found are bed raisers, but they cost $70-100, which seems ridiculous. That's more than I will have paid for the frame, box springs, and mattress combined.

evans said...

Ah. If only there were a more elegant item to place a bed frame on...

Anonymous said...
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Jonathan said...

You could always cinder block it up like we do here at the classy Bountiful Court! haha. I'm glad to see you made room for a plant. People make fun of me for liking a little greenery.