Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Bug report

My roommate went to an Apple Store a few days ago to have them fix his Mac laptop, and he received poor service. In response, I submitted this bug report to Apple's internal bug tracking system:
Title: Customer was turned away for being eight minutes late
Component: Apple Store

03-Jun-2009 10:30 PM Bruce Christensen :
My roommate Brian was turned away from his Genius Bar appointment for being eight minutes late. Count them: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7... 8!

0. Have a MacBook whose optical drive makes funny noises, like it has indigestion or something.
1. In an effort to fix your optical drive, set up an appointment with the friendly neighborhood Apple Store Genius Bar.
2. Arrive for your appointment eight minutes late.

Apple Genius stated that there is a five minute grace period for appointments. Since the grace period had been exceeded by approximately 180 seconds (which is less time than some [admittedly very dentally hygenic] people spend brushing their teeth), he offered several options:
1. Wait an hour for the next appointment.
2. Ship the system to AppleCare for service.
3. Schedule an appointment for a different time.

Expected results:
An Apple Genius provides service as soon as possible, or at least apologizes.

Occurred in a largely-empty store, when Apple Genius appeared to have no other customers to serve. He was already booked for the hour, after all.

Scope of this defect is unknown. It was observed only at Stanford Shopping Center location, but may be more widespread.

It is unknown if the root cause of this defect is policy or autonomous Apple Genius action.

None of the Apple Genius-suggested options was acceptable.

Brian's generally favorable impression of Apple has been degraded by 20%.

The optical drive of the MacBook in question still makes interesting noises.

This retail experience exhibits several indications of suckiness:
1. Service was refused despite apparent ability to provide service.
2. Apple representative turned away customer for being three minutes later than protocol dictated. What are we, robots?
3. No apology was offered. Can't we at least be nice jerks if we're going to be jerks?

(For an example of how to be a nice jerk, see item 9 at http://blog.moosejaw.com/2009/03/30/clothing-donation-for-discount-promotion-announced-by-moosejaw-mountaineering/: "Sorry to be so mean about it, but you’ll have to pay for shipping your donation off to us.")
Whoever got the bug report apparently didn't have a sense of humor, because she just sent the ticket back to me with a note saying to contact someone else for help.


tbone said...

oh no...no sense of humor?? Maybe Apple does only hire robots! ;)

Matthew C said...

I had a problem with my G4, (screen problems) sent in computer and they wanted to charge me more than the value of my computer! I said absolutely not. Asked to have computer returned.
Turns out the screen was replaced on it's return to me (at no cost to me.) Happy about that, but pretty irked when on my voice mail to tell me they initially would not fix problem I was told : "Mr Christensen, in order to replace the screen it will be a charge of eight, five, one and Zero cents..." Why could they not be forthright and say: "it will be eight hundred fifty dollars to fix?" Kinda demeaning.

evans said...

I think the BYU CAEDM Lab has a variation of the same bug...