Monday, June 08, 2009

Picture voting results

A while back I wrote a post asking people to vote on pictures to help me decorate my office and apartment. The results are in. Without further ado, here is the winner:

The full results include the ranks of all 121 pictures and show the winners and losers of all votes.

Top ten chosen by all voters:


There were 4147 total votes from 55 different people, for an average of 75 votes per person. One person voted 510 times. Preferences differed significantly between males and females.

Top ten chosen by male voters:


Top ten chosen by female voters:


Technical details and more statistics are available on my web site.

I'll be ordering prints soon. Thanks to everyone who voted!


Christensens said...

There SO IS a picture of the sunrise or sunset. In fact, there are TWO. Woopee! My choices win!

I See Badgers said...