Thursday, September 09, 2010

Gripes about finding housing

Karren and I are getting married a month from today, and we have no idea where we're going to live. (OK, maybe we have some idea, but haven't chosen a place.) We've been looking for housing, and I've noticed a few things about the process. Before I get all negative, though, I have one positive thing to say:

PadMapper ( is awesome. Like, really awesome. If you need to find an apartment, you should use it.

OK, maybe one more: the internet is awesome. It's amazing that I can see hundreds of listings, with pictures and descriptions, and have my computer automatically filter them by criteria that I care about and plot them on a map. That's really cool!

Now that I've gotten all of that positive stuff out of the way, here are the promised gripes:
  • I wish there were an easy way to find places with features that we care about. You can search by number of bedrooms, or price, or square feet, which is great, but what about things like:
    • Washer/dryer in the unit
    • Dishwasher
    • "Nice" (good paint/floors/carpet/appliances/cabinets)
    • Kitchen fits more than half of a person and has more than 1 square foot of counter space
  • Everyone seems to think that their property is "adorable", "cute", "lovely", or "charming". Uh huh.
  • Why can't they show pictures of, well, you know, the actual apartment in the apartment listing? I mean, it's really great that the community has a nice sign with flowers in front, but I care a lot more about what our kitchen will look like. Or our bedroom. Or even the closet. I don't really care that much about the pool, the fitness center, the road, the office awning, the sidewalk, the lounge, random bushes, or any of the other things that everyone seems to include pictures of instead of the actual place that we're going to live.
  • While we're on the subject of pictures, why can't they be bigger than a postage stamp? It's not 1995 anymore; big pictures won't break the internets.
  • A 500-square-foot apartment is not "LARGE".
  • All caps isn't acceptable. The probability of me reading your listing goes up dramatically if you use some lowercase letters every once in a while.
Hopefully we'll find a place soon.

(And if you know of a nice place with a washer and dryer and dishwasher for [preferably quite a bit] under $1600 between Menlo Park and San Jose, let me know!)


amanda said...'s pretty obvious you are in a different lifestyle bracket than we are!

Britney said...

oh my...i seriously agree with the capital letters thing! not only on apartment listings, but craigslist also. i just skip the postings that are in all capitals. it's ridiculous.

Unknown said...

Good Luck, Bruce. And, Congratulations!

I See Badgers said...

Ditto to padmapper.

I agree with all of the gripes and I have one of my own to add.

Why can't I pay my rent online. I'm just sayin'.

djoMla said...

Hey man! So happy for you i also had trouble getting everything in order and moving into new home with my honey. I used (and I can recoomend you) tools like I dont know what covers yor aeria but stuff like that are great for hunting homes.

Kind Regards, Young.