Sunday, September 05, 2010

The week I moved, quit my job, and got engaged

Here's what I did a couple of weeks ago:
  • Monday: FHE
  • Tuesday: stained glass class
  • Wednesday: told my manager at Apple that I was quitting.
  • Wednesday evening: Karren and I decided to get married(!!!).
  • Friday: ring shopping.
  • Saturday: moved from the apartment I've been at for a year and a half to a house.
  • Also Saturday: bought the ring.
It was a pretty stressful week. :)


My current roommate and I moved from our cheap apartment to a really nice house that we're renting. It's way nicer (dishwasher! washer and dryer! granite counters! less than 10 years old! carpet! AC! a yard! heater that works! garage!), and actually slightly cheaper since we'll have four roommates instead of two. I really dislike moving, but this one was definitely worth it. I don't know why we didn't move earlier.


I've been at Apple for about two years (if you count my internship, which I do, since I was doing the same work on the same team), and it's a great company to work for. They're releasing amazing products and doing very well financially. The people that I worked with were very smart. I worked on some really cool stuff.

"So why quit?", everyone asks. Unemployment is high, you have a great job at a great company, your career is really starting to take off, and you're leaving?


Don't worry, though: I'm starting at Google a week from tomorrow. :)

I left for a few reasons:
  • I'd like the option of moving from the Bay Area (like, if I ever wanted to buy a house), and Apple's only engineering offices are in Cupertino. Google has offices all over the world.
  • Google has more rigorous engineering practices that I think will help me to become a better engineer.
  • I identify more with Google's values.
  • More freedom to work on different things. It's pretty easy to move from project to project, and I really like working on new things.
  • Free lunch. :)
I still like Apple a lot, and I like their products. The decision was hard, but it felt right, and I hope that it works out well. I'm excited to start my new job in a week. (Since I'm sure people will ask, I have no idea what I'll be doing there. They interview people for a general "engineer" position, and assignment to a team happens right around the time that you start. Hopefully it will be something cool. :)


Last, but definitely not least, I got engaged! Karren and I have been dating for almost a year, and we're getting married on October 9 in the Oakland LDS temple.

There was no proposal.


Sorry girls looking for a story to gush about; you'll have to look elsewhere.

We've been talking about marriage for several months, but it didn't feel right until a few weeks ago. Something changed, and we both quickly became confident that it was the right decision. We were talking one night a few weeks ago, and realized that we were going to get married. We never had a conversation early on where we decided that we were officially dating; we both just naturally knew that we were. Similarly, there was no official proposal when we decided that we were going to get married; we just naturally knew that we were.

I had no idea that wedding planning was so much work (or so expensive!), but it will all be over in five weeks, and then my wonderful girlfriend (and now wonderful fiancée) will become my wonderful wife! :)


amanda said...

Thanks for the update! Can't wait! Good luck with everything!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Glad to hear the news!

Christensens said...

You finally updated! We are so happy to have Karren joining our family. Three kids married (almost)--three great in-laws. What more could a parent ask for?

Trent said...

Hey congrats on everything Bruce! The only thing cooler that working at Apple is working at Google.

I See Badgers said...

a late congratulations to you.