Monday, March 14, 2011

Semiannual blog post

Dear internet,

I'm not dead, and to prove it, here's a quick update on what I've been up to for the last few months.


My sister Kristy got back from her mission to Texas in December (after being away for a year and a half), and we flew her down to visit us. We spent a day in San Francisco, including a few rides on the trolley. We (Karren and I) also decided to never go to Fisherman's Wharf again. It's just a noisy tourist trap.

We've been trying to eat better, and one facet of that has been making (and happily eating!) honey wheat bread. The bread maker doesn't handle it well, so we do it the old fashioned way: kneading it by hand.

Karren's friends Erin and Ty came to San Francisco on vacation, and we met up with them at Ghirardelli Square for some yummy ice cream and chocolate. I've heard a lot about them, so it was fun to meet them (On our way there, Karren and I wore the smittens that my sister-in-law Amanda made for us for Christmas. They're mittens: one for each person, and then one big one with two openings so that you hand hold hands. :)

I gave Karren Zubbles (colored bubbles) for Christmas, so we had fun playing with them one afternoon.

Karren chopped off the end of her finger. She called me at work one day asking when I was coming home. I said "in about 30 minutes", and she said, "Do you think you can come right now? I chopped off the end of my finger. Don't worry; I think it's still attached." I came home, and we ended up going to urgent care because it wouldn't quit bleeding. The culprit: butternut squash. (And, for the record, the end of her finger was not still attached, as you can see in the picture below.) She got mostly skin, and her finger healed up four weeks to the day after the cut.

We went on a bike ride along the coast in Monterey for Karren's birthday, and then went people watching in Carmel-by-the-Sea. The Pebble Beach golf tournament was in full swing, so there were lots of rich people hanging around. (Also, lots of Ferraris: we saw three of these on the same street.)

We went hiking in Sunol Wilderness area (by Pleasanton, in the East Bay) a couple Saturdays ago. It was really pretty, and we saw cows, squirrels, lots of turtles, and some poppies.

While we were there, Karren had her first up-close bovine experience:

This past weekend we flew to Utah and drove to Idaho to visit my grandparents, whom Karren hadn't yet met. On the way (ok, out of the way) we picked up Kristy. We also visited some aunts and uncles while we were there. We drove back down to Salt Lake City yesterday and had lunch with my aunts and uncles and David and Shanna. It was fun to see everyone, but we were really glad to be home to sleep in our own bed last night.

Karren and I are settling into married life, and it's been wonderful so far. We're looking forward to many more adventures together.