Sunday, March 18, 2012

Annual blog post

Here are a few things that happened in the last year.

Easter egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa's with the nephews in April.

The Boy Scout troop I help out with visited Moffett Field and saw some Air National Guard helicopters and airplanes in May.

Wedding of our friends Samantha and Eric in June in Sacramento.

Niece Audrey was also born in June.

Bridal shower for our friend Sarah in June.

Scout day camp in July.

Surprise hot air balloon ride from Karren for my birthday in July!

I got Legos for my birthday from Karren's parents (thanks!).

Karren's brother Stu married Barb in July.

Sarah and Jed got married in the Salt Lake Temple in August. (woo hoo!)

My parents rented a cabin and we stayed at the base of the Tetons in Idaho for a week in August.

We went to Yellowstone while we were there.

In September, just Karren and I went to Crater Lake. We had a wonderful time!

Scout campout in September.

We celebrated our first anniversary in October (still happily married!) by throwing a party for a few friends.

We got a little Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving. Karren decorated it beautifully.

We sent out a few Christmas cards. (This is about 1/4 of them.)

We painted our wooden shoes. Karren's sister Alli did all of the designs on mine (the blue ones).
(We use wooden shoes instead of Christmas stockings—a tradition we inherited from Karren's family.)

We went to Portland for a week for Christmas. Hats seemed to be a popular gift.

I surprised Karren with 115 balloons (40 of them helium) for her birthday in February.

I visited my friends Jaeden and Hyrum and their families in Austin. It was really fun to meet their kids. I went at the end of February while Karren went on a weekend cruise with some high school friends.