Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back from Europe, back to school

I got back from Europe on Tuesday, and I've been at home in Portland this week. It's been nice to relax. Traveling is hard work, it turns out, and being home has been great. I'll be posting blog entries about Europe over the next few weeks. 

John and I generated massive amounts of pictures and video on our trip:
  • 31 videos, totaling over 1 GB
  • Over 1500 pictures, which add up to more than 2 GB
No one in their right mind would want to look through all of that, so I've been going through all of the pictures this week, trying to choose the ones that are interesting. You can see the results of my sifting in my Europe 2008 photos when you get a minute.

I'm flying back to Provo today, and school starts on Tuesday. I'm excited to begin my last semester. It's funny: being on vacation for three weeks has made me really look forward to school. I'm excited to go back and be with friends, learn, and enjoy Utah's beautiful outdoors.

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Silus Grok said...

Welcome home, you lucky fetch!