Friday, September 19, 2008

Noisy eaters

I'm usually a pretty easy-going guy, but for some reason, loud eaters absolutely drive me crazy. It's like there's a direct link between the sounds of people eating and the pain center in my brain. Sometimes I have to plug my ears or leave the room because it bugs me so bad. Sometimes it makes me irrationally angry.

I'll leave analysis of my warped culinary auditory psychology up to the experts, but maybe this will help you understand how I feel:

I don't usually read the comics, but I saw this one today in the newspaper, and it made me laugh out loud.


Taber & Rebecca said...

...outermost thoughts, huh...

Jonathan said...

You hide this very well I think. It drives me nuts too! It used to make me so angry when I was younger.

Michelle Alejandra said...

You crack me up.
I also hate loud munchers
this includes gum chewers that sound
like cows. Worst scenario: sitting next to someone chewing gum while taking a test in the testing center.