Saturday, October 11, 2008

Canyoneering in Baptist Draw (again)

This Thursday and Friday I went on a field trip with my canyoneering class. I took the same class last year, and this field trip was really similar to last year's field trip. We went to the San Rafael Swell in eastern Utah. We did Ding and Dang canyons on Thursday, which are easy, non-technical slots. Yesterday we did Baptist Draw and Upper Chute.

Baptist Draw was a lot of fun. There are a lot of cool people in our class, and the canyon was in great condition. The weather was a little cool while waiting at the "big" (80-foot) rappel, but it was perfect for most of the time. There was just one puddle in Baptist Draw, but the hike became a mudfest once we got into Upper Chute. There was one wade up to my chest, and most of the rest were thigh-deep or less. The recent water didn't smell too bad, and it had mixed with the fine dirt to make creamy, smooth, chocolatey mud. It was a lot of fun!

Here are some pictures and a video. You can see more in the full gallery.

Mudstone formation near our campsite

Campsite near Goblin Valley

Playing Sardines in the dark at Goblin Valley

Hiking toward Teepee Rock to get to the canyon the next morning

Kyle hanging out above the first obstacle in Baptist Draw (a little pothole), waiting for the traffic jam to subside

Camille at the end of Baptist Draw, rappelling 80 feet down to the floor of Upper Chute Canyon

Tristan helping Janni get set up for the rappel

All suited up, ready to enter the mudfest

It was a really muddy mudfest. :)

Adam swimming through some pristine water

Video of us playing in the mud

Kenna drinking some chocolate milk

I love these narrows!

Straight, skinny slot right before our exit. (As a side note, this looks strangely like the rock equivalent of a snow formation that I saw while climbing Lone Peak last winter.)

Hiking back up to the canyon rim

Back in Provo, putting away our mountain of gear


Shanna and Evan said...

That looked kinda gross.

Bruce said...

A girl jokingly dared me to jump into a big mud puddle right at the beginning of the wet section, and I jumped right in. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy for actually doing it. However, I had gone ahead a little bit, and I knew that in 50 feet, they too would be slogging through mud, too. :)

It wasn't actually that gross, though. The water was comparatively clean (certainly better than this putrid pool we waded through last year), and the mud was really soft and fun.

Michelle Alejandra said...

yum, did u have some of the chocolate milk?

Bruce said...

Nope. Kenna drank it all before I could get any.