Friday, June 19, 2009


Microsoft is getting very creative... or at least its marketing droids are.

They just started a "Get the Facts" (mis)information campaign about Internet Explorer, claiming that IE has security, privacy, ease of use, developer tools, reliability, and compatibility, while Firefox and Chrome don't. They also claim that IE supports web standards.

Every single one of those assertions is false. Laughably so.

I don't know a single computer-savvy person who would agree with those statements. Not one—and I know a lot of computer-savvy people. Every web developer I know uses Firefox because it offers far superior development tools to IE. Every web developer I know despises IE's lack of standards support. Many of my friends love customizing Firefox with extensions. Many security experts recommend not using IE.

Seems like Microsoft is trying to deliberately mislead the uninformed masses. Just because you say it doesn't make it true. Not cool.

(Incidentally, I really liked working at Microsoft. I had great coworkers, and worked on a really cool project. However, part of the reason I didn't go back there was that I wasn't a fan of the company's business culture. This is a good example.)

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amanda said...

yeah, i'm no expert, but i strongly dislike IE.

And thanks for forwarding that to your friends. I'll forward info back to you. (unless he also sends it to you).