Saturday, September 26, 2009

I started college this week


No, I didn't start grad school (although I'm still thinking about it...). Instead, I started a Mandarin class. A few of us at work who travel to China wanted to be able to communicate at least a little while we're over there, so we signed up for a class from DeAnza College. It's five days a week for an hour during lunch, and it goes until mid-December.

Conclusion so far: I'm really bad at Chinese.

Other conclusion: college students are really young these days.

I studied Spanish for long enough that I'm reasonably fluent now, but it's really hard to start again at square one with a new language. Doubly hard when the language includes a bunch of sounds you've never made with your mouth before. Triply hard when its writing system is completely foreign to you.

Wish me luck.


Silus Grok said...

I love — LOVE — Mandarin. I hope your course is just spoken, though. Writing it is a bugger.

Good luck!

Bruce said...

It's both spoken and written. We'll learn phonetics, some vocabulary, basic grammar, and 200 characters. Or so the theory goes.

amanda said...

good luck! I could never ever learn an asian language.

Unknown said...

Buen suerte. I'd wish you good luck in Chinese, except I don't know it.

Eric says "Pull out your inner linguist and do it."

Channing said...

The first three weeks are the hardest, but then you'll get the hang of things and it won't be so bad until you hit year 3

Anonymous said...

Good Luck! I have always wanted to learn Mandarin but I am a little scared, I should probably master Spanish or French first. I hope everything goes well for you though!