Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Spice shelves

Our kitchen is really small, so Karren and I made some shelves for our spices to add a little more storage space. And some color. :)

The problem

Six coats of paint: 2 primer, 3 red, 1 clear finish

How to dry paint when you don't have a garage

The solution

We had to stealthily drill holes in the wall during quiet time at our apartments. Well, somewhat stealthily.


Karren helped. It was a team project. I'm just in the pictures to get the credit.

Oooooh! Shiny!
Just in case you want to get some cool shelves like ours, here's a handy guide to how to make and mount shelves:
  1. Buy oak boards, angle brackets, and screws at Lowe's in California.
  2. Fly them to Portland so you can use your dad's table saw, drill press, and random orbit sander.
  3. Fly them back to California.
  4. Figure out how to covertly paint and dry them without arousing the suspicions of the landlord or turning your carpet red.
  5. Paint them with primer. Let them dry in your living room.
  6. Sand.
  7. Paint them with primer. Let them dry in your living room.
  8. Sand.
  9. Paint them with red paint. Let them dry in your outside storage unit.
  10. Sand.
  11. Paint them with red paint. Let them dry in the shower.
  12. Sand.
  13. Paint them with red paint. (back to the living room)
  14. DON'T SAND! It will ruin the shinys!
  15. Paint them with water-based satin polyurethane (to prevent spices from sticking to the tacky oil-based paint).
  16. Attach the mounting hardware to the shelves.
  17. Drill holes in your wall.
  18. Buy drywall anchors and install them in the holes.
  19. Notice that the wall in your kitchen is not straight.
  20. Buy washers to fill the gap between the angle brackets and the wall (see previous item).
  21. Screw the shelves into the wall.
  22. Beautifully arrange your spice collection on the shelves, taking into account size, color, container type, spice family, and lexicographic order.
  23. Run around like it's Christmas, high-fiving everyone in the apartment (i.e. your wife).


amanda said...

hey, those look great!

Christensens said...

Awesome! You got them done. I notice how lexico whatever you arranged them. (Not) Don't know that word. But they do look nice.

Michelle Alejandra said...

I haven't used my blog in forever and I hate the long text that I have. I might just erase everything and start all over. Anyway, Congrats on getting married! Cool shelves. I am happy for you. Hope you are well!

Hannah said...

I am totally surprised to see this fantastic blog on home furnishing. Thanks for this great share!