Thursday, May 03, 2007

The East End

Today we went on a walking tour of the East End--the heart of London's business district. We took the tube from the London Centre to begin at Leicester Square, where we ended yesterday. From there we walked east and south and passed several sites, including:
We had lunch in a beautiful garden at a church in the financial district. After lunch we split up into smaller groups. My group went to part of an organ recital at All Hallows-by-the-Tower (a seventh century Anglican church), passed by the Tower of London, crossed the Tower Bridge, and then visited the British Museum.

The British Museum one of the world's premiere museums of human history. Like many museums in London, it is free to enter. It is in an amazing, imposing building; I almost thought that the building was more interesting than many of the things that were in it. The museum is filled with world-class historical artifacts brought to England after many English conquests. Today we saw some of the Greek, Roman, and Egyptian exhibits, including the Rosetta Stone, several mummies, tons of Greek marble statues and friezes, part and the Nereid Monument.

We picked up some laundry detergent at a Tesco (grocery store) and then came home for dinner. Today we had pasta sauce and meatballs served over rice, along with the standard salad, bread, and vegetables. We also had crackers with excellent cheese. (I liked the Brie.)

After dinner a bunch of us got gelato (Italian ice cream) at a shop down the road from us. It cost £2 ($4) for a one-scoop cone. Then we went across the street to Hyde Park and played frisbee and soccer across the path from Kensington Palace. After playing a bit (and getting a grass stain on one of my two pairs of pants) Amber and I met some of our friends from BYU. Kim, Sarah, and Melissa are in BYU's London theatre study abroad program. They're staying just south of Hyde Park, and we're just north of it. We went and saw their flat, and then they came to ours. It was fun to see some familiar faces.

As usual, pictures are available.

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