Sunday, May 06, 2007

Kennington Branch

I went to church today. The people in our program are split up into groups of about six and sent to wards all over the Wandsworth Stake. My group is considerably smaller than the others', though: there are only two of us. Jeff and I attend the Kennington Branch, which the stake's Spanish/Portuguese unit. Apparently we're the only ones who speak Spanish. Jeff went on a mission to southern Mexico, and I learned it in school and got a lot of practice on my mission.

We have church from 2-5pm, which is a little unfortunate since everyone else has church in the morning. I slept in until about 10am, did some reading, and went to church. We didn't see anyone else all day.

I enjoyed church today. We took the Bakerloo line to its end at Elephant Castle station and then walked about ten minutes to the chapel. We met the missionaries--one from Norway, one from France--and a few members and then and went to elders quorum. My Spanish isn't as good as it once was (and I'm definitely glad that Jeff translated for Bro. Pemberton). Right after elders quorum the branch president cornered us and asked Jeff to teach priesthood next week and me to teach gospel principles.

I went to the gospel principles class today and really enjoyed it. There were a couple of new members there and some investigators, which was a refreshing change from my mission where it was often just the missionaries, ward missionaries, and ward mission leader in the class. Caral, who is here studying English, was baptized about a month ago, and Carlos, from Brazil, was baptized about two months ago. They both seem really happy. Michael and Osvaldo--both a bit less than 20 years old--are cousins and are investigating the church.

We're planning to go on exchanges with the missionaries sometime next week after we know a little better what our schedule will be. They seemed pretty excited about that since their Spanish isn't the greatest, and many the members that they usually go on exchanges with haven't been on missions.

Tonight we had a great dinner of potatoes with some sort of stew or soup or something on top. Maybe it just tasted so good because I was fasting.

After dinner Bro. Pemberton and a bishop from the stake came over to tell us a bit about the church in London. They're both lifelong Londoners, so it was interesting to get their perspectives. Most of the members here are immigrants, and most are converts since before the 1950's the Church encouraged converts to emigrate to Utah.

Classes start tomorrow. I'm cautiously excited for them. I'm excited to learn, but a bit nervous that my time to explore and enjoy London may be significantly reduced from now on. I hope that I stay relatively stress-free and enjoy my time here.

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