Monday, July 23, 2007

Vint Cerf and Google Tech Talks

You know how Al Gore invented the internet? Well he didn't; Vint Cerf did, along with Bob Kahn. One of the things that he works on these days is the interplanetary internet--no joke.

One of the cool things about working at Google is that people like Vint also work there. Today he came to the Kirkland Washington office and talked to us (Kirkland Googlers) for about an hour. He talked a little bit about Google's plans to bid on the wireless spectrum that be auctioned soon, and he talked about the future of the internet. He didn't say anything revolutionary, but it was just cool to have one of the guys who created the internet standing in front of me.

Vint spoke at a Tech Talk. Google holds several tech talks at their offices all over the world each week, and all employees are invited attend in person or tune in via video conference to any that they are interested in. I'm taking advantage of the opportunity while I'm at Google. I've listened to Tech Talks on face recognition, Google Maps, a somewhat obscure programming language, details about how Google's search and ads systems work, among others. I also listened in when Ron Paul (one of the Republican presidential candidates) visited Google. All of the Tech Talks have been really interesting.

Google's philosophy is to make information universally available; in keeping with that, you can view many of the Tech Talks on Google Video.

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