Sunday, July 20, 2008

San Francisco

My parents came to visit for three days this weekend, which was a lot of fun. Yesterday we went to San Francisco (or "The City", as it's called around here) to do the whole tourist thing, complete with Ghirardelli Square, cable cars, and the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a lot of fun. I put some of the more interesting pictures below, but for the whole story, take a look at the rest of the pictures.

The Cable Car Museum had a bunch of newspaper clippings from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, when the city was under martial law. Read this one carefully (you might have to click on it to see the big version). That's got to be the most interesting capital offense I've ever heard of. :)

Chinatown is full of Chinese people, it turns out. A lot of them. I wished that I spoke Chinese so that I could talk to them.

I saw this at the Chinese restaurant where we ate lunch. The concept of a 50-lb. bag of MSG had never even entered my mind before. (My bowl of MSG also contained "salted egg & mustard green with sliced pork" soup.)

See the blue bottled water bottles on the steps in the background? I wonder if there's a similar refilling program for the green bottle. :)

This store sold some of the most interesting (and expensive!) things I've ever seen. Shark fin ($280/lb), swallow's nest ($3840/lb), about 15 different types of ginger, and more!

We went down to the Presidio (an old military base right on the water, now turned over to the Park Service) to see the Golden Gate bridge. Serendipitously, the sun was setting right when we got there. As you can see, it was a little windy.

Sunset under the Golden Gate Bridge—a beautiful end to a great day.


I See Badgers said...

quick techy question:

So alienware is ok, but have you heard of m-tech computers and what do you think about them?

amanda said...

Hey I liked the picasa pictures- especially the sunset ones.

Bruce said...

Amanda: Thanks! We got pretty lucky with the sunset. I had been there once before, but I didn't really remember how to get there, so we got a little lost on the way. I turned out that the sun was setting right as we showed up.

Badger: I'm up for techie questions, but on a blog entry about San Francisco?