Saturday, July 26, 2008

Weekend fun

It's been a really fun weekend, for a couple of reasons.

Yesterday I left work a little early and went with some friends to Muir Woods, across the Golden Gate Bridge just north of San Francisco. We hiked through a redwood forest for a while, enjoying our surroundings. We passed a couple on the trail and asked them to take our picture, which turned out to be a little more of an adventure than we had planned. The four of us went and sat on a fallen tree. About half a second after the guy took the picture, the log broke between me and Camille. She ended up on the ground, and we all ended up laughing. (Camille has some pictures on her blog.)

Despite our apparent excess weight, we still got dinner after in San Francisco. :)

Here's the second reason my weekend was fun (more pictures):

Stats: 13,000 feet, 50 seconds freefall, 3:30 gliding.


ms-mclaws said...

ummm sweet picture Bruce! coolest day ever? yes, i believe so.

PS. I know, I'm quick huh? It was mostly b/c I wanted to tell my mom as soon as possible... "Hey mom, why don't you go check my blog?" It was pretty funny.

Shanna Selin said...

YOU'RE CRAZY! How did you get those pictures of you falling and why did you open your mouth the whole time? How much did that cost?

Bruce said...

Hi Banana!

1. Only a little.
2. Spy satellites.
3. To breathe.
4. $100 + $35 for pictures.

amanda said...

I'm sure you heard me yelling when you told Dave, but I'm so jealous! That's awesome!