Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I went on my hexennial* trip to Rexburg this past weekend to visit my sister Kristy, as she mentioned in her blog. I used to think that Rexburg was too far away, but recently I realized that it's the same distance as Zion, just in the opposite direction. Since I've gone to Zion twice this fall already, I figured that it was time to give Kristy a turn. She's more important than rocks, anyway.

Snake River

I drove up with a couple of friends, who provided good company and some help paying for gas. (Speaking of which, it's down to about $2.50 these days, which is crazy, since I paid around $4.50 most of the summer!) We got to Rexburg around noon. I dropped off Carianne so she could go rock climbing and then headed over to Kristy's apartment.

Idaho at its finest: a poop-flinging manure spreader

Kristy made an amazing lunch for me. In fact, I might have to make another trip up north to get another lunch like that! :) After lunch, we went rock climbing for a few hours. On the way out there, we passed a driving range. I thought that it looked strangely out of place in agricultural southeastern Idaho. However, on the way back, Kristy saw:
  • a shirtless, beerbellied man
  • a guy with a mullet
  • a guy wearing a flannel shirt and overalls
With golfers like that at it, the driving range didn't look so out of place after all. :)

When we got back, I visited the Rexburg temple, which was completed this year. It's beautiful, and I love how it's set way up high on a hill.

I wouldn't let her down, so she just hung around for a minute

After another good meal (thanks Kristy!) Kristy, my cousin Emily, and I went to the African Childern's Choir concert on the BYU-Idaho campus. I loved the music, dancing, and energy of the kids, and I loved the idea behind the choir. The kids are orphans from Africa, and they tour around the world, raising money to support 30 African schools.

My favorite part of the concert was when all of the children told us in turn what they wanted to be when they grew up. It was inspiring to see that kids who had been raised as orphans in an environment of war and poverty aspired to be pilots (a very popular choice), doctors, engineers (that kid got a big cheer from the audience), and even an optometrist. Although the choir takes kids on tour around the world, they are expected to return home and stay in their countries to make them stronger when they're done.

They'll be performing in Salt Lake this Saturday, and around the U.S. for the next several months. Check the tour schedule if you're interested. I'd definitely recommend them.

I slept at my cousin Matthew's apartment, and it was good to talk to him. We stayed up pretty late talking about life. I got to help him a little with some things on his new Mac, too.

I went to church with Kristy on Sunday, and in Sunday School she beat me at a game that I taught her how to win several years ago. I guess the student is smarter than the master these days.

She's not really that short

During the last hour of church they were teaching a lesson on unity, and to show that it was easy for their congregation to be unified, the teacher pointed out that "We're all pretty much the same here. We all like trucks, girls, video games, and guns." I guess it's good that I don't live there, because I'm only 1 for 4 on that list. :)

We stopped in Pocatello for a few minutes on the way back so that I could visit my grandparents. I only stayed for about 10 minutes, but it was really fun to see them. I have some pretty cool grandparents. :) I'm really grateful to have such a great family.

* The last (and only other) time I went to Rexburg was about six years ago.


Anonymous said...

It's so nice to see family spending time together and loving each other. Mom

Anonymous said...

I think you're looking for hexennial, not hexannual. Hexannual is six times a year, not the reciprocal. Think centennial for a hundred year, anniversary, not an event recurring every 3.65 days!

Bruce said...

Excellent point, Hyrum. Fixed. I hope that the blogging powers that be don't revoke my blog's title now. :)