Sunday, January 06, 2008

My best friend's wedding

One of my best friends got married on Friday. Erik Bassett married Britney Walker in the Mesa Arizona temple, and I was privileged to be there.

I've known Erik for about three years. We were roommates in 2005 and 2006, and then we both lived with his family while we worked in Seattle during the summer of 2006. We've shared many indoor and outdoor adventures, including climbing Mt. Shuksan, climbing part of Mt. Rainier, and solving many crossword puzzles. He graduated in 2006 and moved to Boston to go to grad school at MIT: good for him, bad for me. :) I've missed him ever since. You don't find friends like Erik every day.

As proof that life doesn't end once you graduate and leave BYU, Erik met Britney in Boston and they fell in love. As they became more serious, it became harder to talk to Erik on the phone because he was extra busy, but I was happy, because I knew that meant that things were going well with Britney.

Erik called me at the beginning of October and told me that they were engaged and that he wanted me to be some sort of somewhat important person at his wedding. I forgot what I was supposed to be until I went on a trip with Erik's sister in December and she found out that I was the best man. I'm not too up on my wedding knowledge, so I had to consult Wikipedia to find out what a best man was. :)

I felt very special at the wedding because the Bassetts treated me like family. I went to the family "advice dinner" on Thursday night and went to breakfast with them on Friday. I went to the wedding luncheon, the sealing ceremony, and the reception. I even slept at the same house as the Bassetts. I felt very included, and it was really fun to be with them. I finally met Erik's brother David, who I had heard a lot about but never met. They're an amazing family.

The wedding yesterday was beautiful. Everything felt so peaceful and so right. We (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) believe that a man and woman can be sealed for not just time, but for all eternity in temples of God. As Erik and Britney were sealed in the Mesa temple, I got a glimpse of that eternal relationship. I know that God loves us and that because of that he has made it possible for us to live together forever as families.

I met Britney for the first time on Thursday, and I was really impressed with her and her family. She is a great match for Erik, and I'm looking forward to getting to know her better. I just hopes she lets me borrow Erik every once in a while. :)


Toy said...


You may have the answer to a long time prayer. Your friend, Erik Bassett .. please tell me a bit more about him. I am looking for "my" missionary Erik Bassett. I have looked for a long time to no avail. Did your friend Erik go to Cherokee North Carolina on his mission? I am so excited it is hard to type. Please let me know. I have so much to tell him, so much to thank him for, and want to know how he is doing as well.

I anxiously await your reply.


Sharon .. (

Bruce said...

Sharon, the Erik I know didn't serve in North Carolina. However, a quick search turned up some information about the one you're probably looking for. I'll email you with the information I found.