Sunday, January 20, 2008


Winter is here in Provo, and I've been snowshoeing three times in the past eight days, with two or three more trips scheduled in the next couple of weeks. Woo hoo!

Last Saturday I went to American Fork Canyon with my friend Ben and some people he knew. We drove to Silver Lake Reservoir and then walked around south of Granite Flat Campground. I had fun jumping high stream banks into the soft snow fifteen feet below.

This past Friday I went by myself to Hobble Creek Canyon to look for new places to go snowshoeing. I found a place that was passable, but not great. I parked at the power plant just past the golf course and headed up a small ridge on the west side of the road. I went for about an hour up the ridge, which was drifted in places and wind-scoured in others. There was a small cornice on top of the rounded ridge, so I walked out to the edge of it to see how far I could go before it collapsed. It was a little scary how easily it collapsed. I definitely wouldn't want to fall through a big cornice on a steep ridge.

My exploration on Friday was only moderately successful, and I'm getting bored of snowshoeing at South Fork/Big Spring in Provo Canyon. Anyone know of other good moderate snowshoeing routes around the Utah Valley area that have minimal avalanche danger?

Yesterday I went snowshoeing up Big Spring Hollow in Provo Canyon with some friends. I invited a girl that I met at a bonfire last week, and I had a great time.

I might go snowshoeing tomorrow since there's no school. This Saturday I'm planning to climb Lone Peak, which will be my first mountaineering trip of the year. The following Friday and Saturday I'm going on an overnight snowshoe trip in the mountains east of Provo with my friends John and Brian. We're planning to hike up one of the canyons and camp for the night. The next day we'll hike to the top of Buckley Mountain, which John and I have both wanted to climb for a few years. It's turning out to be a good winter!

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