Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving break

I stayed in Utah for the Thanksgiving break. It was kind of a melancholy week, but I got to do some fun things.

I spent Thursday with some of my extended family near Lehi. It was fun to see them, especially my two young cousins, who seem to be twice as big every time I see them.

One of my friends invited me to a Man Sleepover at his house in Salt Lake on Thursday night. I was glad to have some company, since I was feeling pretty lonely. Provo is eerily quiet during Thanksgiving. While I was there, I rediscovered hummus, and I think that it may become a new staple in my diet.

On Friday afternoon, my friend John and I decided on the spur of the moment to drive down to Zion National Park and go canyoneering. We ended up having quite an adventure, the tale of which will have to wait for another post.

Here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving:

My cute little cousins

I love rolls

Ridiculous number of pies

Takin' it easy

Those genetically modified turkeys sure are getting fancy these days.


Kristy said...

Holy cow, those kids are getting big! Those pies are looking delicious too! I wish that I could have had some.

Shanna and Evan said...

Those pies WERE delicious!