Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We made it!

Dave and I finally made it home a little after midnight last night. It was a trip for the history books. Our flights on Saturday and Monday were cancelled due to bad weather in Portland, and on Monday night it was looking like our scheduled Christmas Day flight would probably also be cancelled. Rather than rely on Southwest, which seemed to cancel flights when everyone else was still flying, we switched to Plan D: change this trip to a do-it-yourself project.

After a couple of hours on the phone Monday night, everything was set. We took the 7 a.m. flight yesterday to Las Vegas, switched planes, and landed in Sacramento. From there, we rented a car and made the 600-mile trip to Portland. The last 40 miles took almost four hours, thanks to the really icy conditions on I-5 between Salem and Portland, but we made it safe and sound. Only 21 hours after we woke up, and three days later than originally planned, we were home!

House down the street. I love all of the trees in Oregon!

My parents' roof

In Utah, when it snows, people clean off their cars and drive around. In Oregon, people just wait until the snow melts, so you see scenes like this.

Me and my brother Brian, who's getting really big. It's nice to be home!

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Shanna and Evan said...

Man! That's a lot of snow!