Friday, December 12, 2008

Things to learn

Yesterday was a day of lasts:
  • I went to my last undergrad class (CS 431, compilers, with Dr. Mercer).
  • I turned in my last undergrad homework (a EE 380 problem set on the z-transform).
  • I turned in my last undergrad lab (a EE 380 lab on elliptic filters).
  • I turned in my last undergrad project (a peephole optimizer for my compilers class).
Next week I'll take my last undergrad final ever, and, with that, I'll be done with college.

I feel like I've just started learning, though. There are lots of things that I'd like to learn but haven't had time to because of school. Well, now's my chance.

Here's a sampling of things that I'd like learn about:
  • Global poverty and public health, and ways to improve things
  • Programming stuff: Cocoa programming in Objective-C, Android development, Haskell, AVR programming, MapReduce
  • China, India, and Africa
  • Spanish. I think I might take a class. I'm getting rusty.
  • Trad climbing
  • Medicine. I'd like to become an EMT or wilderness first responder.
  • Algorithms (especially graph algorithms) and algorithm analysis.
  • Maybe join a search and rescue team. Maybe.
  • Child development
  • Literature. I've learned a lot in college, but I've been too busy to read as much as I'd like. Time to get back to the books.
  • Cooking
  • Psychology
  • Probability, Bayesian statistics, and graphical modeling
  • Economics
That should keep me busy for a while.


Kristy said...

Wow, that's pretty ambitious. I wish that I knew what I wanted to learn do with my life...more than I already know...

Anonymous said...

I wish I had your enthusiasm for learning. You always were a curious guy. I guess you like a lot of activities that show that you are the boss of your body. Risk! That's what I call it. Mom

I See Badgers said...

nice post. I don't know about all the graphing and statistics though. That could be pretty boring. Cocoa programming on the other hand sounds delicious. keep it up Bruce.

ps. you can still be my neighbor in the future. That would be cool.